Spring Catalogue 2024: Blossoming into New Teaching Skills

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As the new academic year reveals, European Schoolnet Academy is excited to introduce its Spring Catalogue 2024—a rich mosaic of courses designed to amplify your teaching skills.

Let’s explore how these courses can elevate your skills and bring a transformative touch to your classrooms.

Empowering the ocean caretakers of tomorrow

Imagine inciting a deep connection to the oceans in your students. “Bring The Ocean into Your School” is more than a course; it’s an exploration of innovative teaching methodologies. Through engaging, project-based learning, and open-schooling, this course empowers you to inspire the next generation of ocean stewards.

Rediscovering the essence of STEM education

“STEM Out of the Box” Rerun invites you to rediscover the joy of teaching STEM. Far beyond delving into scientific concepts, this course involves a deep exploration, nurturing creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills in your students.

Navigating the digital landscape with confidence

In a world where online safety is dominant, “An Evolving Online Safety Landscape” equips you with the skills to ensure safe and empowering digital experiences. Beyond comprehending digital threats, this course empowers you to navigate the complex digital landscape and serve as a mentor for the digital citizens of tomorrow.

Crafting Sustainable Educational Ecosystems

More than just a standard sustainability course, ‘Climate Shelters for Schools’ stands as a compelling call to action. Dive into the strategies of implementing green transformations within school environments, fostering a connection with nature, and instilling a sense of responsibility for the planet among students.

Connecting Generations through Digital Heritage

Digital Education with Cultural Heritage is an exploration of your role as a curator of knowledge. Dive into digitised cultural heritage and discover how it can bridge generational gaps, making history relevant and inspiring for your students. The 2024 edition of this course will be available in Dutch and Latvian only.

Empowering Critical Thinkers in the Digital Age

“Media Literacy Case for Educators” empowers you to navigate the complex digital landscape. Become an informed advocate, guiding your students to understand the opportunities and challenges posed by algorithms, language models, and technology.

Seize New Opportunities for Transformation

As we embark on this new academic journey, it’s a well-timed moment to seek fresh opportunities for growth and transformation. The Spring Catalogue isn’t just a collection of courses; it’s a gateway to new horizons in teaching. Embrace the power you hold to transform your teaching journey and impact the lives of your students. Your commitment to lifelong learning is a catalyst for positive change in your classroom and beyond.

What’s the next step?

Explore our Spring Catalogue, not just as a collection of courses but as a gateway to transformative teaching. Join us on this exciting journey in education!

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