Celebrate World Teacher’s Day with TeacherTalk!

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Let’s celebrate World Teacher’s Day! This day is about recognising and honouring the invaluable contributions of teachers worldwide. This year’s theme is nothing short of profound: “The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage.

But what does this theme mean? This is a call to action to address the global teacher shortage. The 2023 celebrations focus on the urgency of not only halting the decline in the number of teachers but also actively increasing their ranks. It’s about championing a dignified and respected teaching profession, identifying the challenges teachers face, and highlighting inspiring practices that can attract, retain, and motivate educators. The initiative also explores how education systems, societies, communities, and families can better recognise, appreciate, and support our teachers.

To shed light on this, the European Schoolnet Academy is dedicated to supporting teachers in both their personal and professional growth, helping them thrive as educators in the 21st century. Through a range of offerings, including MOOCs, worldwide networks, peer learning, events, and much more, the European Schoolnet Academy places teachers at the core of its mission.

In this context, in the latest episode of TeacherTalk!, we explore the journey of Elena, a dedicated teacher of English Literature and Language at the high schools of Don Bosco Village School in Milan (former educator at Collegio S. Carlo in Milan, Italy) who shares her experiences with the Academy.

Elena, like many educators, has discovered the incredible value of the courses and opportunities offered by the European Schoolnet Academy. These resources have not only enhanced her mentorship skills but also encouraged her to adopt a more interactive and innovative teaching approach. Some courses have been eye-openers, highlighting the interconnectedness of teachers within our global community. Elena has come to realise that peer learning is not just a valuable asset; it’s essential for both professional and personal growth. Through these courses, she has built a network of like-minded educators that extends far beyond the virtual classroom.”

So, join us on this captivating journey with Elena as we explore how the European Schoolnet Academy is revolutionising education, one teacher at a time. Discover the power of peer learning, the impact of interactive teaching, and the incredible sense of community that unites educators worldwide.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring episode of TeacherTalk!

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