TeacherTalk!: Discover the Inspiring Journey of Sonia Abrantes

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We are thrilled to present the newest episode of TeacherTalk!, featuring an inspiring interview with Sonia Abrantes, a passionate teacher from Portugal. In this captivating conversation, Sonia shares her incredible journey with European Schoolnet Academy and the transformative impact it had on her professional development.

Join Sonia as she takes us through her discovery of valuable MOOCs and the opportunities they provided to enhance her teaching skills. Through her story, you’ll gain valuable insights and inspiration to elevate your own teaching journey.

In this episode of TeacherTalk!, you’ll learn:

  • How Sonia joined European Schoolnet Academy and unlocked a world of valuable MOOCs.
  • The profound impact of MOOCs on Sonia’s teaching career.
  • The benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing professional development opportunities.
  • How European Schoolnet Academy fosters a thriving community of educators.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration. Join Sonia and discover how European Schoolnet Academy can empower you to transform your teaching practice.

But wait, there’s more! With EUN Academy, knowledge is just a click away. So why not join us for the next episode of TeacherTalk?

If you’re interested, simply send us an email at academy@eun.org, and our team will reach out to you. We can’t wait to hear your impressions and share them with teachers worldwide.

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