How can I use data to improve my work as a teacher trainer?

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Data learning, data literacy, learning analytics… these concepts have gained considerable importance in the educational landscape, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. With the switch to online learning, teachers, parents and students have seen their educational practice change overnight.

The teaching methods suggested are now tending to move towards more digital education and using much more data-based tools. However, the understanding of data and data-based best practices is still very poorly mastered by many teachers.

Therefore, during its 3rd thematic seminar “Effective Use of Data in Teacher Training” – held on 18 and 19 January – the European Schoolnet Academy team, 3 teacher trainers and Prof. Hendrik Drachsler, (German Leibniz Institute for International Educational Research and the Open University of the Netherlands) explored how to make effective and ethical use of data in teacher training contexts.

The webinars highlighted a report ” Effective Use of Learner-Generated Data in Teacher Training Activities ” authored by Prof. Hendrik Drachsler. The report offers an analysis and introduction to the concepts and use of learner-generated data (learning analytics) as well as practical examples of learning analytics applications.

If you are interested in exploring the theoretical and practical considerations and implications of using data in teacher training activities, we invite you to read the report.

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