European Schoolnet Academy: the professional development hub of teachers

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The European Schoolnet Academy has been running for 8 years now. In the educational landscape, this project carried out by European Schoolnet is presented as a treasure trove in terms of online courses for teachers.  

The project was born out of the desire to close the professional development gap among teachers. Many teachers have expressed the need for new skills to keep up with their professional life: the emergence of new technologies, the need to improve their media literacy, and the need to find new educational practices that involve the whole classroom… the profession of teacher requires a lot of creativity and expertise, which is why the MOOCs proposed are relevant and directly related to the needs of teachers.

In addition to the free and flexible nature of the courses, European Schoolnet Academy’s offerings are made by teachers for teachers as it is essential to be aware of their reality.

The concept of community and exchange is also a key part of European Schoolnet Academy. Taking part in a course offered by the platform is a chance to meet teachers from all over the world and to share new educational practices through the peer-to-peer learning method.

With more than 75 MOOCs, 165,000 enrolments and 40,000 learners across Europe, European Schoolnet Academy is positioned as the professional development hub in Europe.

Every year, to mark the start of the new school year and to help teachers get back on track, the platform publishes its autumn catalogue. Three courses are waiting for you: integrate STEM into your classroom, improve your coding skills, or focus on networking and peer-to-peer learning between teachers and schools.

For the teachers who joined us, it was an enriching and human experience where they were able to improve their skills on the one hand and share the knowledge they had acquired on the other.

Garlon Hasham

Consult the latest catalogue now and choose the course that best suits you. With European Schoolnet Academy, knowledge is just one click away!

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