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Together with our partners we prepared a new set of courses. Let’s start the new school year off just right! As always they are free, online, and open to all teachers and other education professionals. And what’s more: we have a webinar lined up for you to introduce the why and how of a key pedagogical component of our courses: peer assessment.

The four courses coming up this semester cover a wide range of topics. Topics which are highly relevant and subject to public discussion: the impact of new technologies and the need to adopt a more ethical way of life, for example.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you are encouraged or asked to cover in your lessons these topics that affect and shape our society. After all, we can build awareness and shape the thinkers of tomorrow! Our upcoming courses allow you get the knowledge to do just that.

Topics on offer this semester

The catalogue allows you to explore the courses and choose the one that best suits your needs. Are you interested in teaching coding and programming to your classroom? Would you like to raise awareness about animal testing and the benefit of ethical science? Do you, like us, believe that STEM education is the future? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, we invite you to register for the various courses offered.

Our new Autumn course catalogue

Webinar about a key pedagogical element

Many of our courses include some form of peer assessment. This is no different in the upcoming semester. Peer evaluation does not only help offer professional development at large scale. It also is a key element in our pedagogical approach. In the Back to School Webinar, we will delve into the benefits of teachers assessing each-other.

Join our webinar

Thursday 23 September at 17:00 CEST

Access the event here

This webinar will be an opportunity for you to ask your questions, to discover our offer and exchange your impressions with teachers and others involved in the education system. See you on Thursday 23 September.
Do not forget to mark the date in your calendar!

What do you think of our courses? Share your thoughts!

During the webinar we will also share some testimonials. With it, we hope to give some inspiration of how other teachers make use of our courses. And learn if and how online professional development changes teaching practices.

So, are you a big fan of the courses offered by EUN Academy? Or do you want to share your experience with our network? Or suggest some improvements? Tell us all in a short testimonial video! Find all the details and the deadline here.

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